We supply engineered timber for structural uses.

Albertani Corporates S.p.A cross laminated timbers

Albertani Corporates S.p.A is a family owned company with production plants in Italy and Germany. They provide natural, eco-friendly timber solutions including CLT (cross laminated timber) panels, straight and curved glue laminated beams as well as finished building elements and prefabricated house units.

Their focus is on creating eco-sustainable buildings, using the latest technology at the forefront of the sector.

Our Partnership

We are proud to be in partnership with a company that boasts over 40 years of skills and experience in the construction industry.

We work as the Albertani UK sales office so that our clients can take advantage of their full range of products and services on a direct basis.

Find out more about our engineered timber solutions:

Call + 44 (0) 1483 414291 or email info@nfpeurope.co.uk.